Meet Georgia, a sales and marketing professional with over 6 years of experience. She has been closely connected to Dubai for over 17 years, having resided and studied here since 2008, with regular visits thereafter. Her time in Dubai has allowed her to witness the city's immense growth and the opportunities it has to offer.

Leveraging her extensive experience and knowledge of Dubai, Georgia builds rapport with every client she encounters. She shares her expertise and insights to provide each client with the highest quality service tailored to their needs.

Georgia excels at empathising with others, allowing her to accurately determine their needs and desires. She takes on the challenges and stresses of her clients, handling the hard work and tedious tasks to ensure a seamless process for every individual.

Adaptable and determined, Georgia maintains open communication with her clients throughout the entire process. She believes in providing exceptional service not only before a sale but also during, after, and beyond.


Areas Covered

Dubai Land


Georgia Hargreaves

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