Why should you list your home with a real estate agent in Dubai?

  • 5th Dec 2022
  • Dubai

Are you ready to list your house for sale?

You might be tempted to sell your property without the assistance of a real estate agent to avoid paying a commission. Although it may be tempting, the risks of going alone usually outweigh the benefits!

When you're working by yourself, it's considerably more difficult. It's a demanding procedure that involves paperwork, legal and financial documentation, negotiations, marketing, and follow-up.

There is much jargon used in real estate sales that you, as a seller, might need to become more familiar with.

Having few potential (let alone qualified) buyers, making emotional choices, being unable to negotiate appropriately, and needing more spare time are all risks of selling your property without the proper help.

A reliable real estate agent can go a long way toward assisting you in finding the right buyer. Here are some reasons to list your home with a real estate agent:


An agent can determine whether a potential buyer is qualified or just a dreamer or nosy neighbour who wants to visit your home. Every time you put your life on hold, make your home look flawless, and show it, it is inconvenient. You should limit those hassles to the showings that have the best chance of resulting in a sale. Real Estate agents ask qualifying questions to determine a prospect's authenticity, qualification, and motivation.

For how long the buyers have been looking, whether they have seen any other homes that would suit their needs, whether they are paying cash or have been prequalified, what schools they are looking for, and other questions are all examples of closing questions that your agent is trained to ask.


When selling a home dear to you, the lines between business and emotions can be blurred. A real estate agent can prevent you from overpricing or underpricing your house, accepting offers that are below average for the area, and dealing with a buyer's unfavourable feedback. Your agent will spot the right offer in the right market and at the right time.


Agents give you unbiased advice and information. A professional real estate agent will assist you through the home-buying process with an impartial eye, assisting you in achieving your purchase goals while staying within your budget. Agents are a fantastic resource for inquiries regarding neighbourhood amenities, utilities, RERA regulations, contractors, DLD ( Dubai Land Department Rules) and much more!


Real Estate agents are familiar with the value of homes in your neighbourhood and have access to a thorough list of comparable properties. They can plan ways to create the best-selling strategy while considering the market conditions to get the most return on your house. They also help you choose the right asking price for your home, maximising your profits while expediting the sale.

Agents are experts in the areas they cover. They are familiar with every aspect of the neighbourhood, including where to find the most remarkable leads, which star facilities to promote, and which offers to accept based on the average price range in the region. From beginning to end, you will be in good hands.


Your Real Estate agent has a 360 professional marketing team to take stunning listing photos, videos, brochures, and much more!

Backed up by a leading agency, they will market your home on all major property portals with alluring listing descriptions and conduct open houses to showcase your home to buyers. They are a conciliator between you and all potential buyers, fielding calls, answering questions, and scheduling showings.


A team of marketing experts creates the most excellent content for your property. At the same time, agents are always out in the field, developing relationships with clients and acquiring new leads.

Do you desire access to all available options? Your agent can assist you in evaluating all active listings that suit your criteria using multiple listing services. They can notify you when new listings are about to hit the market and offer recent sales information. By helping you filter out houses that are still showing up on public websites but are no longer for sale, your realtor can help you save time. This implies that your property may sell sooner than you had anticipated.


Do you understand the most recent market trends? Buyer conduct? Value of the current home? Will you have all day to talk to potential customers? Rush to attend open houses at any hour of the day? Do you have the necessary resources to promote your home? Can you manage work, family, and selling a home smoothly? Real estate agents can answer all the above questions and get the job done right.


When you have an agent, you share some of the home buying and selling risks. The seller pays the real estate agent to help them legally and securely complete the sale.


Listing agents are well-versed in this process. They can negotiate more than just price. They know all the terminology and can help deal with the dozen sticking points that keep transactions from closing, including repairs, closing costs, timelines, rent-backs, inspection issues, Etc. They are bound by principles, which means they know what has to be disclosed to a potential buyer and how to tell it.

So if you're looking to sell your home, get in touch with us today! Our dedicated community experts come backed up with several years of expertise within the Dubai Real Estate Market!


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