How to host a successful open house in Dubai

  • 5th Dec 2022
  • Dubai

An open house is a fantastic method to improve visibility and draw potential buyers in. Potential buyers can visit the desired property during an open house in a designated time window.

The buying and selling process often includes open houses, which is a crucial stage since viewing the property on the listing platforms cannot truly convey the whole experience of the property. Open houses give potential buyers a chance to speak with the property owner directly and learn information about the property that doesn't do justice to a property listing online. This can save potential purchasers a ton of time. Let's view some tips and tricks to execute a successful open house.



After finalising the dates for an open house, it is essential to reach out to potential buyers and persuade them to visit the property. This can be done by marketing the subject property on online platforms such as Dubizzle, Bayut, Property Finder, etc. But this strategy is not limited to these platforms; social media marketing can also be a vital method to reach out to potential buyers by advertising the property on Instagram and Facebook through ads and campaigns. Post quality photos of the property, eye-catching images to persuade customers and use photographs highlighting the property's best features.


Communicate with the listing agents with other properties in the area to see if they're also interested in organising an open house. If agreed, you can schedule your open houses for the same day. Create a map that you may show prospective buyers that provides the locations of all the nearby available places. This "partnership mentality" can generate traffic to each home, which benefits everyone. You can then advertise the gathering as an open house block party. This method of promoting the event can help generate more buzz than you could with just one open house. Given that they'll be more engaged, this strategy is a smart approach to attract more people.


An open house is typically hosted on Saturdays or Sundays. This is because most people are off work and have the leisure to come and look at your property. If you're selling your property in the summer, consider scheduling an open house in the evening to avoid the heat Timing is crucial. The ideal time to host an open house is often between 11 am and 3 pm in the mid-morning to early afternoon or between 5 pm and 7 pm in the early evening. That way, people can come after they finish up their errands. Moreover, consider hosting an open house on a weekday evening. While fewer individuals may be able to attend, those who do will undoubtedly be serious about purchasing the property.


Anyone considering an offer will want to learn everything they can about the property. Make attractive flyers and brochures on the kitchen or entry table. The following details must be included in your flyer or brochure:

  • Address of the house as well as multiple images of the exterior and interior
  • Demanded price
  • Contact details
  • A description of the property, highlighting any distinctive features (such as a hot tub, pool, or walk-in closets) and recent upgrades
  • Number of bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Square footage overall
  • Real estate taxes
  • Information about the community and schools
  • Think about producing a second brochure that offers details about the neighbourhood, local schools (if any), and the community.

And finally, make a sign-in sheet for potential buyers. Inform them that you can email them further details about the property if they're interested. You can use these follow-up emails as another marketing strategy to reach potential customers. Make it easy for your open house attendees to find the answers by creating an FAQ sheet for each listing.


Suppose you want buyers to be able to visualise themselves in the home. They should see the property as a blank canvas on which they can put their personal touch. A simple gesture of hospitality can go a long way. Greet visitors at the front entrance with a smile and a brief introduction. Welcome them and let them know you're available to answer any questions they may have. Don't bother them with too many questions about their property search immediately, but take the time to greet them. Prepare to respond to visitors' inquiries as they tour the property. This can also help you discover more about what they want in a property and which selling aspects will be most persuasive to them.

Offering refreshments to visitors is another way to be welcoming and make the house feel cosier. Choose snacks that are simple to grab and go with and won't make a lot of mess when people eat while moving around. It would help if you also had plenty of bottled water, refrigerated soda and hot coffee. Place a large garbage can near the food and beverage table so people can easily clean up. This gives you more time to focus on buyers. Remember to play music near the main entrance and food station. The appropriate music can make any environment more attractive and help potential buyers relax.


All of the above is a challenging task. Therefore, make sure you hire a good and reliable real estate agent to take the stress off your shoulders. Your dedicated real estate agent will market your property. Bring in potential buyers and can point out a serious offer when it arises. Furthermore, an agent will work to get you the best possible price. Because agents come with years of experience, they know how to talk to people and showcase your home and the community in the most attractive way!


To sell a property, a successful open house is imperative. It may appear stressful to host an open house. However, your potential buyer may walk through the door if you do it well and put in the effort. Following the guidelines above and trusting your agent, you can ensure that your open house goes off without a hitch.

If you're looking to sell your home in Dubai, get in touch with our dedicated community experts here at White & Co Real Estate.

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