How to find the best Property Management Company in Dubai

  • 26th Jul 2023
  • Dubai
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Property management is organisations that provide services to property owners and clients interested in buying or renting property to manage their real estate concerns, goals and assets efficiently. Dubai is a flourishing city with a high-demanded real estate market, and property management companies play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of residential and commercial villas and their services towards the clients. 



Property management companies offer a range of services to investors, owners and landlords to manage their real estate assets in a smooth and efficient manner.  The specific service may vary from one company to another therefore it is crucial to analyse the service you need before contacting a company for further assistance. Check out the services offered by White & Co Property Management.

Here are the services offered by PM companies in Dubai:


Tenant Management

Focuses on marketing and advertising vacant properties to attract potential tenants. To further decide, screening and selecting tenants through background checks and rental history is taken to meet the requirements of safety, damage control and cleanliness towards the vacant property. This service allows further interaction with potential tenants to show a clearer understanding of a decision to be made later. It is crucial to know who is interested before proceeding with anything more, making it a speciality for PM companies to dissect and analyze the different potential outcomes. In addition, this service aids with leasing agreements, rentals and documents needed to make this legal and right when considering a property. Ensuring you get the right documents to get a step closer is another strong point for these companies. 


Property Maintenance

Offers repairs and inspections to properties to ensure safety and smooth operations. Ranging from plumbing, electrical, and more coordinating with contractors that further aids in keeping things well running. If water leaks occur or light bulbs have stopped working, these contractors help by replacing and fixing them to resolve issues easily.

Compliance and Legal Knowledge

Property management companies stay up-to-date with local real estate laws and regulations, ensuring that the property and its management adhere to all relevant requirements. Using their information helps tackle different issues and options to avoid so that the client makes the best appropriate decision when discussing real estate.


Financial Reporting

Property Management companies provide detailed financial information and reports to the property owner, outlining income and expenses related to the property. This helps the owner tackle future plans and how to prevent certain outcomes from happening. A service they also provide is financial advising for these properties. It is important to use this service especially when the property is bought with the intention of investment. On the other hand, they also provide advising and financial reports to tenants renting so that they are aware of the outcomes and price changes when they occur.


Rent Collection

If a tenant rents the property, a service they provide to the investors/clients is to collect these payments. Moreover, ensuring they are paid consistently with fixed timings is also provided. This results in them controlling and taking care of the situation professionally, ensuring tenants consider the regulations and formality of payments.

With the different types of property in Dubai, consisting of skyscrapers, villas, townhouses and more, PM companies are extremely needed as each has different factors, pricing, and demand and with their experience and services, they can further assist a client in making the right decision when deciding to rent or invest in property. The real estate market in Dubai is very successful however that does not mean studying the market is easy at first. Different types of property have different types of markets therefore it is best to speak with a qualified specialist. 

We offer two different types of service packages; one being the basic and the second being the premium. With the basic package, we provide marketing services, tenant finding, inspections and more. 

Our second package, the premium, includes legal guidance, daily two-week checkups on the property, tenant management, registering and cancelling EJARI, maintenance management and more. Check out our full service here.

Contact us for more information and property guidance. Call +971 56 235 3069.


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