Best British Schools in Dubai

  • 12th Jul 2023
  • Dubai
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In a constantly growing city like Dubai, British schools have increased in popularity, demand and good reputation due to the high quality of education they deliver and offer students. Varying from FS1 to Year 13, providing an excellent and outstanding education that further prepares them for university worldwide. As the curriculum is highly acknowledged and credited, one of the main focuses this city pushes and strives for is the importance and priority of education. This has allowed schools to be in near vicinity no matter the property, community or area they live in. As a result, the student outcome is great as there are many different options. This correlates with the United Arab Emirates 2030 vision, which emphasises providing future generations with the necessary tools and practical skills to drive and increase the economy in both the private and public sectors. 

When looking for a school to choose from, it is essential to analyse the different features and educational methods they provide before making a final decision. Curriculums play a huge role in how a student is taught and how their skills are used in later years. The British curriculum focuses on GCSE and A Levels. The mandatory subjects include Mathematics, English, Geography, Art, Design, Music, Physical Education, Computing Systems and Modern Languages. Combining tools and elements from each will allow students to build a foundation with various tools that could be implemented in future careers and everyday situations. In addition, allowing them to learn new information from different subjects assists students in improving their understanding methods and listening skills.

The British curriculum is well known to set a strong education foundation for students, further allowing their critical thinking skills to prosper. With the different schools the United Arab Emirates offers, some of the top British schools are scattered all over Dubai. Moreover, this opens the opportunity for experienced and multi-language speaking teachers from abroad to come in and provide their teaching skills, tools, and abilities to students. Having diversity and support from various nationalities, backgrounds, and subject specialities and languages is exactly what makes and builds top schools worldwide. Promoting a multicultural environment and encouraging an appreciation for global perspectives to come together is normal in Dubai.

Here is a list that consists of the six best British Schools around Dubai for students aged from 3 to 18 years:


1. GEMS First Point School - The Villa Dubai

It is one of the many GEMS schools that provides exceptional academic services with diverse subjects and facilities. Additionally, in the MENA region alone, GEMS operates over 60 schools with just over 130,000 students. GEMS focuses on the student's skills and how to gradually improve them, along with the foundations of a British Curriculum education system, to prepare them for the best universities in the United Kingdom and worldwide. 

School fees: Range from 40,183 AED to 68,734 AED, paid on a three-term instalment system.

Locations:  The Villa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Contact info: +971 4 278 9700



2. Kings School – Al Barsha Dubai

Strives for positive and constant outcomes towards their students to help them embrace excellence, leadership and knowledge. Alongside Al Barsha, Kings School offers branches in Nad Al Sheba and Jumeirah, and, to further present their credibility towards success and quality of education, KHDA has rated the school as “Outstanding”. With worldwide UK qualifications and a campus that focuses on technology, art, and sports facilities, it is safe to say that Kings are top grade.

School fees: Ranges from 55,231 AED to 99,699 AED, depending on the year.

Location: Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact info: +971 4 356 6900 



3. Ranches Primary School – Arabian Ranches 2

Is one of the seven branches around Dubai that primarily focuses on achieving foundational education for students from Nursery to Year 6. They offer a deep and wide English curriculum consisting of a strong mathematics program reflected in their final reports, as students have been achieving and obtaining above their predicted and forecasted grades. Learning with high quality is reflected and shown in these results. The preparation and support given to children to build their foundation for higher years is crucial and executed perfectly by Ranches Primary School. Furthermore, offering an enjoyable and friendly environment for children to enjoy and maintain a positive attitude toward education. Ranging facilities such as playgrounds, music halls, and libraries are available, making it an environment that feels at home for the children and their unique passions. The result has shown as the school is voted “Very Good” by KHDA, making it a strong, reputable, and highly rated school for primary students in Dubai. 

School fees: FS1&2 have annual fees of 48,029 AED while Year 1 to 6 is 58,702 AED

Location: Arabian Ranches 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Contact info: +971 444 29765



4. Dubai Heights Academy – Al Barsha South

It is one of the best British Schools constantly expanding with different types of facilities around the campus to target each student’s desires and passions further. Their main goal is to empower young curious minds and teach positive and independent thinking that prepares students for future occasions. Dubai Heights offers a high-quality English curriculum to students from FS1 to Year 10, with various English and international teachers. In addition, they also focus on Arabic, Moral and Islamic Studies, helping students expand their communication ability in different languages.

School fees: Ranges from 45,500 AED to 84,800 AED, depending on the year.

Location: Al Barsha South, Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Contact info: +971 4 356 3333



5. Newlands School Dubai – Al -Warqaa

is mostly known for the diverse and different backgrounds of staff to students. This enables a rich cultural learning environment for individuals as they all share many important techniques for critical thinking and positivity towards their learning ability. The school is located near the neighbouring city of Mirdif, allowing students in communities to join and make relationships with other potential neighbouring students. A very good advantage that helps the idea of applying to this school is that it is very affordable yet very high in education quality. The importance of executing this helps create a friendly, familiar and safe environment for students and teachers around the area. In addition, the school has 725 campuses worldwide, with over 74 professional teachers, making it impactful, professional and a great learning premise for everyone.

School fees: Ranges from 20,352 AED to 33,708 AED, depending on the year.

Location: Al Warqaa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact info: +971 4 282 1200



6. Dubai British School – Emirates Hills 

Focuses on technology and innovation, allowing students to fully adapt to newer and advanced learning tools. It has been holding the “Outstanding” status by KHDA since 2017. Their main goal for students is maintaining happiness as it boosts confidence, learning ability, and social skills. While having English teachers, the school still consists of different teachers from different nationalities making it an open space for culture and learning. Their constant mission is to create an enjoyable and friendly environment for all: "Enjoy, Aspire, Achieve.” Having the campus in Emirates Hills, a community environment, improves social skills and ensures safety for all students.

School fees: Ranges from 50,496 AED to 75,746 AED, depending on the year. Price is also paid on a three-month instalment plan.

Location: Springs 3, Emirates Hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Contact info: +971 4 361 9361



Education is the foundation upon which individuals build their lives and shape their future. It is vital for personal growth, providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate challenges and opportunities. Moreover, it nurtures creativity and innovation needed in today’s constantly moving world. The more innovation this world has, the more advancements we can provide. Ensuring that the quality of life increases will always be supported by education as it is a key element for unlocking full potential growth in any industry an individual desires. 

In conclusion, British schools in Dubai provide a high-quality educational experience that combines critical and independent thinking that is of the rigour of the British curriculum with an international perspective. These schools prepare students for success in an increasingly competitive world. Additionally, the diversity Dubai has to offer is a great opportunity for students to make connections from different nationalities and cultures, making it a sociable and smoother atmosphere for future business relations. The schools in Dubai all have high standards regarding credibility and educational quality, especially since Dubai, the rapidly growing city, is pushing for better and greater opportunities for the future generation of young innovative and intelligent minds of the world.

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