Best Apps In Dubai To Use

  • 24th Jul 2023
  • Dubai
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Best Apps In Dubai To Use

Dubai, a vibrant city, offers various activities to suit every taste and interest. Dubai has it all, whether you’re seeking cultural experiences, thrilling adventures, or luxurious indulgences. The diversity of Dubai has allowed useful applications to enhance experiences for residents and tourists alike further. It is great to keep track especially since Dubai constantly grows with opportunities and experiences. 

Here are some of the most used applications in Dubai:



It mainly focuses on a buy-one-get-one system, making saving in Dubai much easier. In addition, it helps you decide, try and acknowledge new experiences such as restaurants, entertainment, resorts and more. It is a great way to keep in touch with the growing city of Dubai.  To activate it, a subscription fee varies depending on the package you get. If you are looking to save, this is the application for you!



Is a great application to use when wanting to get around. With different services and features, it allows freedom and flexibility to riders. Moreover, options like GPS and pricing are given before accepting the ride. You get to manage and see the closest drivers and how much it would cost to go to your shopping destination. 



It covers the different news, spots and articles around Dubai, ensuring you don’t miss anything! With day-to-day updates regarding various topics around the city, it is one of the best ways to keep track of exploring and getting familiar with it. 



It is a food delivery service that puts a wide range of different restaurants and cuisines under one application, making it easier to choose and order food to your preferred destination. In addition, recently they have expanded to deliver more goods such as medicines, daily groceries and much more. It is a fast, smooth and easy process that is done by a few clicks! 


Implements a point reward system that allows you to gather them over time, to then use for future purchases, experiences and benefits. This is a great way to stay interactive and up-to-date with shopping experiences in Dubai. This only applies to MAJID AL FUTTAIM malls such as Mirdif City Centre, Deira City Centre, Mall of the Emirates and Zahia City Centre. Gather points and collect rewards, don’t wait!



It is a great GPS application that uses advanced technology to provide further details such as accidents ahead, police patrols, speed radars and routes that don’t require toll gates. Moreover, it is a very easy interface to visually see and understand, this is crucial for driving as it makes things much smoother. 



Has implemented a portal where you could access fines and payments and report criminal activity. This great interactive system allows the people in the city to communicate with police officers to ensure safety and security around the city. 



It is an application that shows you all the different types of entertainment around the city with links to ticket purchasing and more. It allows you to explore the endless possibilities of events catered to the city. This is a great way to know prior to further plan and analysing your preferred choices.


Its multi-service application allows you to request transportation, delivery services and car rentals. A functional application specialising in deliveries has expanded, making their choice innovative and easy to use for customers around the city. Ordering food, groceries or rides has become feasible all under their application. Moreover, they have added scooters and bikes around the city to allow individuals to use them. You can now explore the city with freedom in your hands!



It is a mandatory application that you need in Dubai to have functioning insurance in case you lose your job due to a given circumstance or resign from one. This supports individuals according to their case until a new job is found. It is a great way to stay connected with job security and solutions when it comes to employment in the city.



It is a creative and innovative application that allows you to request fuel whenever you are in need and wherever you are located. Whether you are at home, in the desert or somewhere inconvenient, CAFU will drive to you and fill your vehicle with fuel, all for the same price as a gas station!

One advantage of Dubai is that adapting is extremely simple; using such applications to explore different possibilities around the city further gives people the opportunity to try new things. Without even realizing it, you will learn that you know the ins and outs of this vibrant city.

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